The future of Amp Clothing Co. and what I’ve learned about myself this past year

I am not an adaptable person. There, I said it. I am not spontaneous either.  Although I SO desperately need organization to function in a ridiculous way, I am not an organized person. These are feelings I’ve fought with and never wanted to accept. So, I ignored them, until I had no choice but to confront them.

Those are things I am not, but what am I?

Passionate – about self love, learning to love my body & helping others do the same.

So much has changed since Amp started, I had a vision and to this day, that vision now looks totally different. I never would have believed it at the time. In business, I have an idea and a way I want to see it through and that’s it. So when the time comes and things aren’t working how I thought they were, I shut down and have a difficult time readjusting. That’s how I spent how most of this past year, trying and readjusting.

Facing disappointment, failure, rejection. (I’m talking- Anthropologie rejection).

What positive came from those situations? I was forced to step back, breathe, pray, and re-examine  the plan for Amp Clothing Co. Through that re-examination, I learned a lot about myself-  and accept things I used to see as flaws- as being…. well, me.


Like the the fact that I’m not a multitasking master. I just.can’t.

my brain cannot, my heart cannot, my body just cannot.

I saw it as a weakness for so long… “they’re” doing it- I should be able to also.


So, what can I do?

Listen to what my body is trying to tell me.

Accept that I can’t do it all, that’s just not how I’m wired.

God created me to need rest (a lot 😜).

What I can do— use my story and my passion to help anyone I can. Work towards my dreams and goals in a healthy, realistic way, resting along the way if needed.

I don’t have all the answers for each step down the road, and I’m ok with that now. But what I do know, is that you should never give up on your dreams. Cliche, I know.

Take a break if you have to, if there is something else that is more deserving of your time, right then,  but don’t lose sight-and don’t ever give up. Repriotize and regroup. It’s CRAZY how much we change without knowing it. Things you never wanted to do, you may be open to now. If you can’t get something exactly the way you want it- figure out a way, kinda whatever you have to do. For me, it came to the point where I couldn’t keep up on my own and during a period of reassessment, I decided to put to my line in manufacturing. Turns out, I (which I NEVER wanted before) am learning pattern making, because that’s what I had to do to get exactly what I wanted. Even though I thought my goal was manufacturing at that time.

So that’s what brought Amp Clothing here and now… we entered the manufacturing world, wholesale, and back around again. I realized I was chasing the wrong dream right now. So where am I headed?

Lool for our Spring/Summer ‘18, we’ll be doing Pop-ups, and I would love to maybe even do some traveling with that, we’ll still be online, but will be pushing more physically. Our pieces will not be made to order anymore, unless we are pre selling a Collection. That means ready -to -buy & ship, selling collections and having stock that I am making myself from the patterns I learned to make.

What I can tell you, is that SS18 will me more high-fashion forward. I’ve been holding back, not designing from my heart, but my mind… designing for what I thought people wanted to see.  Thinking “if I want to get in there, I need to be more boho, or edgy, etc…”

I was playing it safe, and designed myself into a box, with a vanilla feel.

Not anymore! I can’t wait for y’all to see what’s coming!


Much, much love,


Who do you dress for?

Looking beautiful is fun and it can make you feel good.

But, always remember- what really matters, and where true beauty lies, is underneath it all.

When it’s all stripped away – what you have left is what really matters- what’s in your heart? When you express love and gratitude in all you do, when you love yourself with all you have- your true beauty will shine through. We tend to get so wrapped up in what others think, of us, our clothes… but none of that matters. That’s where insecurities are born. We start to question ourselves, and compare.

When you remove all of that, and realize when it’s gone, and you are focused on being who God has created you to be- Happiness is born. Confidence is born. Beauty is born. It doesn’t matter if you are being who others want, or expect you to be.

Are you being who He wants you to be?

Live your life and every day with love – for yourself and others- there is nothing more beautiful than that!

1 Samuel 16:7