Who do you dress for?

Looking beautiful is fun and it can make you feel good.

But, always remember- what really matters, and where true beauty lies, is underneath it all.

When it’s all stripped away – what you have left is what really matters- what’s in your heart? When you express love and gratitude in all you do, when you love yourself with all you have- your true beauty will shine through. We tend to get so wrapped up in what others think, of us, our clothes… but none of that matters. That’s where insecurities are born. We start to question ourselves, and compare.

When you remove all of that, and realize when it’s gone, and you are focused on being who God has created you to be- Happiness is born. Confidence is born. Beauty is born. It doesn’t matter if you are being who others want, or expect you to be.

Are you being who He wants you to be?

Live your life and every day with love – for yourself and others- there is nothing more beautiful than that!

1 Samuel 16:7